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there's a lighthouse on that clifftop, there

built too high to be seen

'cuz every time the fog rolls in

the clouds obscure the beam

there's a cave inside that rock face, there

can't stay too long inside

'cuz twice a day, like clockwork

it gets flooded with the tide

no matter how you try

you can't stop the ocean

it can't hear you cry

it won't keep you from drowning

and now you and I are caught in a riptide

just you and I

there's a line of demarcation, there

down the center of our bed

wasn't something that we did

wasn't something that we said

there's a restlessness in my heart, there

that I just can't keep still

I never could explain it

and I guess I never will

and to think we tried to stop the ocean

it didn't hear me cry

it didn't keep me from drowning

and now you and I, torn apart by that riptide

just you and I

there's a star on the horizon, there

that I've never seen before

and if we keep it in our sights

maybe we'll make it back to shore

so put your hand in mine

and we'll brave the ocean

and with love and time

we might start believing

it's just you and I on a tide that's on our side

just you and I

it's just you and I


"Stop the Ocean" by Christopher Troise

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