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I get it

he meant the world to you

and nothing can make you forget that fact

or get you back on track

I get it

you’re all alone and you are so afraid of losing what you had

my friend you’ve got it bad


I get it

your porridge eaten up your chair just broke

but no one’s in your bed

at least that’s what you said

i get it

your trail of crumbs is gone

the woods are dark

there’s no house up ahead, even one of gingerbread


and while we’re on the subject of fantastic metamorphoses

if mr limpet’s wish were mine maybe i’ll be less ill at ease


i think i’d rather be a fish

‘cuz then i wouldn’t have to hear you bitch and moan all day

about the one that got away

i think i’d rather spend my time among the currents

so i couldn’t see you whine and pout

only god knows what about


i don’t get it

how you replay all these scenarios like he’ll come back again

fast forward round the bend

i don’t get it

a movie of your life and all you do is skip to the same scene

that nightmare you had dreamed


your tears are made of acid rain they sting you falling from your eye

why don’t you use that energy

don’t you have bigger things to fry?


don’t you get tired of all your wishing and your hoping?

there must be something more than sitting here and moping

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