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gossamer snowscape with clouds sugar-spun

you in your element and me on the run

ice-crystal silence too perfect to break

while you're sleeping soundly

I'm dreaming awake


and the world gets more weightless every day

with our names on neon billboards in the sky

and now the truth is leading to a new whole

a new whole

for you stole my solitude away


hold ever closer, all tensions release

aerial comfort, ephemeral peace


the year will bring the sun to free the earth again

your hand in mine will never feel the same


when rain comes to rouse up the still-dormant ground

we'll shake off our old chains, love's fetters unbound


and the world will get warmer every day

we'll take down those neon billboards in the sky

smiling, we'll take off into a new whole

a separate whole

a new role for a new day

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