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I know which way is north

but you've got the world in thrall within minutes

and I'm doing pretty well

but when you're off and running

it's all I can do to catch up

here with the windows closed

the noise of the world becomes less important

here with the shutters down

all I could possibly need

is right here in your arms


I'll hold the map if you'll hold the money

and I'll always know

inside your honey-brown eyes

are the wherefores and whys

of a life that I'd gladly receive

knowing that we've a world to explore

and there's only more joy to be had


we take things easily

nothing's too big or too tough

or too anything

and I would go happily

anywhere, long as the day ends with you

at my side


there is peace, finally

each time that I see you at night

in the morning

and I am yours totally

any time, any place, anywhere

any moment at all

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