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love snuck in through an open window

then hauled off and slapped me clear across the face

love said, "better get used to me here,

'cuz by the looks of it, I think I'm gonna like this place"

love made itself at home in no time

I'd heard it was pushy, but not to this extent

love went through everything I own

leaving a trail of unmatched memories

everywhere it went


'cuz love ain't subtle and love ain't kind

love don't care what you had in mind

love's gonna operate in its own time


love changed the rules of every game

and I'd stumble and falter through what I thought I knew

love changed the laws of gravity

and suddenly I found myself free-falling right into you


so give up any pretense of control you ever had

even when you bolt shut every window

and change the locks on every door

love finds a crack in the strongest of armor

and without a word, changes you to the core


"Love Snuck In" by Christopher Troise

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