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"Love Machine" by Christopher Troise

Act I: illuminated screen in bed

I'm putting myself out there

though I'd rather sleep instead

validation brings a hit of joy

though I'm trying hard to fight it

getting blinded by a boy

Act II: a darkened corner of a crowded bar

trying not to get my hopes up

but it's going well so far

sudden bliss: an electric kiss

what did I do to deserve a perfect love like this?

I don't wanna break that pretty love machine

if I keep my conscience clean

won't have to make another mistake

but everything I've done's like being caught between

a perfect sunset scene

and a litany of heartbreak

Act III: sunset in Central Park

you tell me that your favorite time of day

is right before it's dark

though on paper everything's okay

and I don't want to admit it

I can feel you pull away

Act IV: my apartment, Sunday afternoon

getting tired of confusion

and not a moment too soon

I'll regret it if I never try

so I tell you that I love you

and you say goodbye

I've got a rose-colored pen

and though I know it's not smart

to plot a twenty year chart from just a smile

here I go again

while you're protecting your heart

I'm here perfecting my art

art of denial

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