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soft hands shaping every memory

never seen so beautiful a daydream

painting the horizon, watercolor reverie

and you, keeping back the tide

with the words I can't forget, a lullaby


I. I love. I love you.


day breaks, a solitary morning

image-made yet still apart

each heartsong strong and cold as iron

subtle, swift as mercury

and I, now I know your name

objective whispered tenderly, a lullaby


you were the voice I had heard

in the dark of my sleep

the light breathing life into every pore

but the power you gave

it was no one's to keep

you taught us to constantly thirst for still more

then the fires began, burning out of control

losing the one place I'd ever called home

I'd a will made of steel

but an aluminum soul

and when the smoke cleared

you had left me alone

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