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lover's sun heating up your heart

in the spring of your discontent

I admit that for my part

not one time had I ever meant to dance

with a lock of my hair still flowing

'round a finger and in plain sight

ever-shining eyes keep glowing

hidden sun still diamond-bright

and you, curtain down, still on the stage

an encore undeserved


whatcha doing around here?

you keep coming back like a ghost in the mirror

can't dream you away

haven't you done enough here?

still lurking in shadows and praying for danger

this nightmare to stay


ever-too-easy to be true

and when I thought that we'd be fine

o miraculous day

for you have turned your water into

whine and weep for the frailty of love unbound

marigold in your jealous hand

never knowing the love I've found

is something you can't understand

and you, blazing bright but fading fast

thou unsustainéd flame


I still feel you...

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