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you're standing on your feet again

you know the why but not the when

you turn your head but there's no sun

and you can't see what they have done

but there is a secret that no one has told

you don't need the glitter, you'll still find the gold

in only a moment you'll finally be free from the cold

but there isn't time

there's nowhere to hide


out of the gate you're running hard

and twice as fast, but half as far

foundation's groaning with the weight

will it be there? are you too late?

high overhead there's a break in the gray

all of your demons will burn in the day

you don't know where the world ends and your body begins

but there isn't time

there's nowhere to hide in your gathering tide


your mind is on your side

you know where you're going and where you've been

you know that you can always start again

climbing forever with no ceiling

and I'm not going to hide

giving and giving until you're there

holding until you can find clearer air

then finally you will know what you'll be

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