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you're doing time in your mind's salt mines

with a monkey on your back

you used to be so good at forgiving

but you up and lost the knack

'til one day, a stranger came and said

"Would you like to go outside?"
"Well, you know I've tried, but the light's too bright

and I'm afraid of going blind

said I'm afraid of going blind.

I've made myself quite a home in here,

it's not a lot, but it is mine.

Though I miss the sun, now I'm free from rain

and on the whole I'm doing fine."

"What you don't know won't hurt you, true,

but it'll never let you be.

Why don't you step outside for a minute here

and see what you can see?

Just see what you can see"

'cuz it's gonna be here

gonna be now

gonna be everything that you dreamed of

gonna be more

gonna be wild

gonna be a supernova dancing

it's gonna get big

gonna get loud

gonna take all you got

gonna feel insane

see how you breathe again, believe again

when you drop that ball and chain

so you took your first little tentative step

then you cringed and ran back in

"It's quite alright," the stranger said

"Just stop and try again."

emboldened by their kindly words

you finally breathed free air

but when you turned around to thank them

you only saw a mirror standing there

just a mirror standing there

take your fear and divide by zero

see how close to heaven you'll go

use that intuition

your new vision's gonna take you back

to where you wanna be

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