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I’m a student of the fine art of letting go

And I no longer see my value in what I know

I’m not content with being earth bound

But afraid to fly

I just want to make things better

Before I die


I’m a little bit unsteady but i’m on the mend

And I might never feel ready

But I’m a damn good friend

I’m a product of a lack of love

So love is what I intend to grow

And i am tired of the telling

It’s time to show


I’ve got a little heart that keeps me able

Inside my chest

And i don’t always feel grateful

But i try my best

This overwhelming life is mine

For not much time

I might as well live it while it’s good

I’m listening more to every yes now

And less to should


I hope my life is measured most by the light i bring

I don’t claim to have the answers to anything

But if there’s any wisdom I can give

I think this might be it

You’ve gotta love without condition

And take no shit

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